Khanh Le (or Lê Vĩnh Khánh as in Vietnamese) is currently a manager working in the IT industry. He graduated from University of Technology, Sydney in 2006 as an Australian Development Scholarships recipient, majored in Software Engineering. Currently Khanh is undertaking an Executive MBA course at the University of Hawaii (Ho Chi Minh city campus) and he is expected to graduate in 2014.

Khanh Le

Khanh Le

After more than seven years working in different companies and playing different roles, Khanh has a high level of diversity in his working experience:
  • He has worked in both Western organizational culture (Australian and American) as well as Asian organizational culture (Japanese and Korean)
  • He has worked for both big organizations and small startup companies
  • He has worked for both outsourcing companies as well as companies that develop their own products.
  • He has practical experience in the following areas:
    • Software development
    • Project management
    • People management
    • Recruiting

This blog will serve as a place for Khanh to reflect on what he learns, reads and experiences. Most of the posts here will be about organization, management and leadership with more focused on the IT industry. He can be contacted via email (khanh [at] agilevietnam.com) or via Facebook and LinkedIn.

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